I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel a real sense of urgency about 2016.

There’s so much opportunity coming down the line for the Yorkshire & Humber region, but if local businesses don’t grab it, it could soon be gone.

Many bosses I speak to are almost paralysed by fear and self-doubt. Because of their size, they question whether they can really do what’s required to convince the decision makers to give them a shot.

Let me start by saying, straight up, that winning bids really isn’t voodoo – even if it might feel that way at times. You just have to be smart.

Having worked with some of ‘Goliaths’ of industry for many years, I’m passionate about using what I’ve learned to help the ‘Davids’ of the Yorkshire & Humber region successfully compete alongside them.

If someone told you there was £56 billion up for grabs, wouldn’t you want a slice of it?

According to a report produced by five northern city regions and backed by Chancellor George Osborne, that’s how much development finance could be generated on your doorstep over the next 15 years.

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