If someone told you there was £56 billion up for grabs, wouldn’t you want a slice of it?

According to a report produced by five northern city regions and backed by Chancellor George Osborne, that’s how much development finance could be generated on your doorstep over the next 15 years.

This cash injection is predicted to come from a range of contracts for projects designed to boost economic growth under the Government’s Northern Powerhouse plans.

With an estimated £50 billion being set aside for the HS2 and HS3 high speed rail links, 10,000 new homes planned in Leeds and Sheffield, 40 major new road schemes across Yorkshire, £290 million for offshore wind and renewables and £11 million of estimated growth in high tech industries – not to mention Hull’s hosting of UK City of Culture 2017 - it’s going to be a busy time.

Does your business offer products and services relevant to these sectors and their spin-off industries and, if so, are you bagsying your share of potential work?

If you’re not but you believe you should be, then Bid Pro Quo can help.

That’s because we’re on a mission – to help SMEs in the Yorkshire & Humber region to realise their potential.

Established in 2005, we’ve supported all sizes of organisation, across all sectors – including ICT, Ministry of Justice, the water industry, healthcare, construction, education, environment, marine engineering, facilities management and Defence – in netting more than £5 billion of funding. Our smallest project was worth £40,000; our largest brought in excess of £750 million. We’ve also helped various charitable organisations to secure funding of between £10,000 and £1 million. We did it by turning our experience gained from working with much larger national and international organisations to the advantage of SMEs.

We know there are lots of smaller businesses in Yorkshire and Humber that ooze potential but don’t have the knowledge or confidence to realise it. So we follow a simple mantra:

Be prepared
Be strategic
Beat the competition.


Using this formula, we can help you to identify which of the available opportunities is right for your business, build a standout bid submission and ensure you’re in the best possible shape to impress during a competitive tender process.

SMEs don’t have big budgets to throw at submissions; that means you have to be smart - and that’s where Bid Pro Quo comes in, with our affordable coaching and training programmes specifically designed for smaller businesses.

Acting as expert consultants or, ideally, extensions of your own team, we can support you with everything from searching for suitable tender and grant funding opportunities, to troubleshooting your strategy and business readiness, coaching your in-house team of experts, bid writing, bid management, and helping you to improve your work winning process.

Every big business started as a small business with big ambitions. We can help you realise them by winning tenders and supporting your broader business development strategy.

If you would like to find out more about how Bid Pro Quo could help then call us on 0843 838 5441.

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