Our bid’s in crisis… We’re missing out… We’ve tried, but failed… We just can’t figure it out… We’re too small to bid…

We’ve heard them all. Bid Pro Quo has been working with companies large and very small since 2004 and there are not many scenarios we haven’t turned around into winning tender bids.

Unlike many bid specialists, we don’t limit ourselves to one particular sector of industry or size of enterprise. That’s because we can leverage expertise and in-depth knowledge from an extensive network of associate professionals with experience of the environment you are operating in.

To give you some examples, in the past 10 years we have worked in construction, marine engineering, ground engineering, healthcare, information and communications technology (ICT), environment, facilities management, education, transport and for an international Aids charity… we’ve even helped our local football club apply for grant funding. That’s how flexible we are.

We work nationally, but we have a particularly close relationship with businesses in our dynamic Yorkshire and Humber region, whom we’ve helped grow over time.

We’d prefer to work in partnership with you and your team because experience has shown that the earlier we engage in the bid management process, the more value we can add to a business – and the bigger the forward order book!

We’re happy to talk through any aspect of your bid, tender or proposal. You can contact us here.

Meanwhile, why not Meet the Team?

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