We talk to so many bosses, every day, who are desperate to grow their company or charity, but are at a loss when it comes to making it happen.

If this applies to you – or you’ve had some success and are hungry for more – we guarantee you’ll find this new blog useful.

We'll be covering things like getting bid ready and the secrets of successful proposal writing, avoiding common pitfalls, and making the whole bidding process less daunting by telling you what to expect.

Why it's more of a science than a dark art

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Let's start by saying, straight up, that winning bids really isn’t voodoo – even if it might feel that way at times. You just have to be smart.

Having worked with some of ‘Goliaths’ of industry for many years, we're passionate about using what we've learned to help the ‘Davids’ successfully compete alongside them.

Let’s start by understanding where you’re at.

Do you need additional funding for growth but don’t know where to look?

Or have you already tried to bid and feel frustrated by failure?

If either or both of the above resonates with you, you’re in good company. Many businesses we deal with feel like that at some point.

Getting your ducks in a row

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However, you can soon overcome such blockers by taking a strategic approach to your business, with the help of an experienced bid partner.

Procurement officers, no matter what their sector, have a tricky job to do. They need to find the best business to carry out a particular project, in the most cost effective way.

"Obvious!" we hear you say.

Well, yes it is. However, there are certain hygiene factors they also have to consider which will floor your bid at the first hurdle if you don’t have them covered off. Things like being compliant, secure, environmentally friendly and basically capable of delivering on your promises, in terms of infrastructure.

This means you have to have your ducks in a row before you even contemplate going for a bid.

Take a long, hard, look at your business. If you don’t like some of what you see, neither will the potential funder, so you need to tackle your issues before you take another step.

If you want to be successful, you need to:

  • Be strategic
  • Understand your organisation's limitations
  • Take time to fill those gaps
  • Go for the right contracts.

Sometimes it's hard to be that honest with yourself, which is where a strategic partner like Bid Pro Quo comes in. With our industry experience, we know what it takes to be 'race-ready', and will take an uncompromising approach to getting you there.

You might actually find that this changes your whole thinking about which bids you want to go for, as well as your chances of winning them.

No time to waste

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There is a growing momentum around schemes like the Northern Powerhouse, designed to devolve power and economic weight from London to city regions like Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester. Not to mention once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like Hull UK City of Culture 2017. 

All of this means that there is no time for SMEs to rest on their laurels.

These initiatives will bring with them a wave of investor confidence you can ride on. There's money to be had, but major international players have their eyes on it too, and competition is growing. To win this race, you need to be in the best possible physical shape.

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