Case Studies

“Help us win major works with the NHS”

Nuffield Health

The Background:

Nuffield Health operates a range of services including Nuffield Health Hospitals and Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centres. Working with Bid Pro Quo, the organisation tendered for five bids to the NHS Infrastructure Projects Programme (ISPP) which was an opportunity to secure future revenue for the hospital.

The Challenge:

The organisation was tendering for five bids yet it did not have an internal resourcing capability to deliver several bids under this banner. Before BPQ’s involvement, there was no bidding department within the organisation and no history of winning bids therefore our challenge, aside from forming a competent bid team, was to develop all bid collateral and bid systems and processes from scratch.

The Solution:

Nuffield Health needed experience and expert hands on deck to help them win their bid, which BPQ provided. Supporting information flow from diverse operational sectors within 40 hospitals across the UK and Nuffield Health’s head office, we provided strategic leadership, informed and influenced the submission content, navigation, layout and graphics for five bids to the NHS ISPP programme. We then coached and trained the key technical, clinical and commercial teams to deliver winning bids independently.

The Outcome:

Nuffield Health Hospitals secured an impressive 80% win rate from submitted bids. Following BPQ’s guidance and support given to the staff, the organisation developed its own independent capability to submit future bids, and it has since gone on to tender again.

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