Case Studies

“We need help urgently”

Kier Construction – Midlands Region

The Background:

Kier Construction was looking to submit a design, build and finance (DBF) bid consisting of three lots to Nottinghamshire County Council for extra care homes based on three separate sites.

The Challenge:

Bid Pro Quo was invited in to assist Kier Construction and their JV partners with their bid submission just a week before the deadline. It was evident that the bid needed a significant amount of work as no progress had yet been made on the quality submission for any of the three bids.
As the situation stood, it was necessary to amalgamate responses from the approved designers, finance company and Kier Construction since they had never worked together before, so integrating all their contributions was of paramount importance. Finally, this submission was extremely important to Kier – it needed to secure this win as part of its dominance in the midlands market place.

The Solution:

Arriving on the scene so close to deadline and with outstanding work to do, BPQ’s mission was essentially to crisis-manage the submission. We worked around the clock with key professionals in the design and finance teams and Kier Construction to align their experience and goals into one to submit a coherent response across the three bids.
In addition to authoring, editing and formatting the submission, BPQ enhanced the bid with graphics for impact. We also ensured that the final submission fulfilled the Council’s requirements.

The Outcome:

Kier Construction won the bid and successfully delivered the project, setting them in excellent stead to win and carry out other schemes in the future.

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