Case Studies

“This is a flagship project for the Ministry of Justice – we need expert skills”

Kier Construction, Major Projects Division (Midlands region)

The Background:

Kier Construction, part of the Kier Group, was seeking to win a bid submitted to the Ministry of Justice for the £250m Broadmoor high-security maximum security hospital.

The Challenge:

The success of the submission was weighted on the response given to one key question which required a systematic, lucid and precise return. Following our success with Kier Construction on past construction projects, Bid Pro Quo was invited to help Kier submit a strategic bid exclusively for this significant part of the submission. The Major Projects Division was invited to participate on the strength of its previous work with the client and was very motivated to win the project.

The Solution:

As the bid needed a clear focus and direction, BPQ worked with key staff members including mental health nurses and the construction team to help Kier plan and create a clear strategy for the document at hand. In addition, BPQ supported the submission from start to finish.

The Outcome:

Kier Construction’s bid was successful, underpinning its position as a major deliverer for the Ministry of Justice.

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