Case Studies

“Show us how to submit our first ever tender to a city council”

Brand to Market Ltd

The Background:

Design and marketing solutions provider, Brand to Market needed help to submit its first ever tender to Barnsley City Council. The tenders was to deliver graphic design services for the Enterprising Young People (EYP) Scheme. This was a particularly significant one for Owner Director Andrew Pickering to win.

The Challenge:

With very little time to prepare the submission – work began five days before the deadline – Bid Pro Quo had to work at speed to devise a thorough and innovative tender. As this was Brand to Market’s first bid, the company only had marketing brochures. Consequently, BPQ virtually started from scratch to prepare the tender.

The Solution:

The expert team at BPQ worked tirelessly over the weekend and up to deadline, taking control of the whole process in order to guide the Brand to Market team. Using its deep insight of tendering, BPQ pulled out key information about the company to devise an original, clear strategy complete with a key message.
BPQ also included an up-to-date personal profile of each staff member to highlight the skills each individual would bring to the service proposed, and presented the client’s portfolio. Alongside this, we created a master template which exceeded the requirements of the council, presented in a professional, engaging and flattering way. We also authored, edited and reviewed the submission throughout the entire process.
The day before submission deadline, Barnsley Council issued the evaluation criteria and had BPQ not developed a proactive response, Brand to Market would not have been able to meet the criteria for each response and more.

The Outcome:

The submission was delivered on time, and in line with the client’s specifications. Brand to Market was awarded the work which was worth in excess of £40,000 per annum, substantially beating off the competition. Furthermore, BPQ relaunched the client into work with Local Authorities, boosting its reputation.

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